Online Role-Playing

Amnésyas Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that immerses you in a world of fantasy where you play a young adventurer seeking fame or power. Start the adventure in a vast land in which you will have to make your way in battle monstrous creatures, winning many battles and you enrich, selling weapons, armor and magic items, ally yourself with other players to form guilds and so build your field and always relentlessly pursue you will have endless quests. Whether you choose evil or good, to survive here, you have to show an astonishing intelligence and strategy.

The game already has more than 34,048 players … The gigantic land Amnésyas full of countless treasures often protected by monstrous creatures (ettin, dragon, demon, beholder …) you will have to fight to achieve complete the missions entrusted to you. Death is a path of no return since the fall of the gods! Immortality is no longer of this world. Intelligence is an indispensable gift to hope to survive on Amnésyas, where unity is strength! It is therefore recommended to ally with other players to form groups of more powerful and resistant adventurers confronting the aggression to which your character will face.

You have probably included! Amnésyas is not just a strategy game or reflection, but a real online role playing game that will not leave a chance to the most cunning players … We hope to see you soon in our community and we wish you a pleasant visit. The team of Amnésyas Online.